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In a constantly changing world that still accelerates its spin of action, we all need something to hold on to. Even if it just gives us a ground to the next jump. Or duck. Or rollover. Whatever the situation requires.

Surrounded by more and more different challenges of yet unknown magnitude we believe that what really matters may as well remain constant.

We believe in you, the man. A human being of strong heart and firm values. We men need each other now more than ever, to support, inspire, laugh, and spark joy to fulfill our true nature. Our potential. Good will. Strength.

Join us in the most ancient ritual when men gathered around a fire to tell stories, combat fears, lurking in shadows of the night, keep their minds fresh with new thoughts and their hearts warm from the fire and brothers in arms nearby.


Especially for you, we gathered a most unique mix of personalities from around the globe with different backgrounds, experience, and fields of interest.

Living in big cities, small villages hidden in woods, or completely off grid in a RV.

Only one thing they have in common: They are men – just like you. And they are brave enough to share their points of view, passions, and sorrows with each other and all that will be watching and listening on USA GOBAL TV & RADIO.

No agenda, no script, no censorship.

Just men open to be themselves.

Real – authentic – uncut.


A weekly (every Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. CET) show for men from men about men.

5 guys discuss live topics for men like masculinity, sex, business, health, fitness, sports, cars, …

5 different guys from 5 different countries with different backgrounds but 1 common goal:

To inspire men by being real, authentic, and uncut.



Any questions?

Contact us: office@bonfiretalks.com