Roland Friedl

Roland Friedl

Roland Friedl. Born in 1964. First and foremost a man, husband and father. But also an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, guest lecturer and TV presenter.

Active as trainer, coach and consultant for international organizations for over 35 years. The focus is always on a high level of practical relevance in sparring. From practice for practice.

I am also an expert on men and masculinity and have created a platform for men.

And since I find new media very exciting, I co-anchor the weekly show “Mallorca Connection” on USA Global TV on various topics with exciting interview partners and experts.

Another project is “RespectMotherEarth”, in which I am involved with my partner Agnes for a healthy and clean ecosystem.

I prefer a free and independent lifestyle and commute between different states. A few months a year I travel and live in a camper van and work from the most beautiful places in the world.

Don’t think outside the box. Think there is NO box.

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